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Everything is going quite good at the moment and half my guitar tracks have been finally recorded, just have to finish recording next monday then i can start editing and uploading.
Sounds pretty awesome in my own personal opinion so it’d be cool to share with you guys to see what you think of it also :)

they’ll be saved on my computer under demo’s until i can get some lyrics to go with them/lyrics that’ll actually fit the music lol
nevertheless i’ll still be uploading them xD


I’ve just spend probably 2-3hours writing some lyrics, shame it’s just hard to put music to the lyrics my guitar obviously don’t like me much :(
oh the plus side i’ve written alot of chord/tab songs with no lyrics, so maybe i should just because another steve vai and just play instead of sing lol ;P (i wish!)

would be cool to be given a few ideas on what to write music about becuase i’m struggling a wee bit on my own xD
oh wells it’s not ment to be easy, but it sure as hell is fun! i’ve learn a good few things i thought i could never do on guitar so either way i’m in a good mood! :D


I’ve been working on a few things the past few days, firstly i have a couple of acoustic songs that i have written that are completely finished now! :D
when i have the time i’ll upload them onto here so people can check them out, mainly to know what people think.
i’ve also been working on some solo’s to put into some rock/metal riffs i’ve been making up if anyone has any music ideas please share! i’m all ears!

now time to write some lyrics.. ;)


Come with me
Lets drain the ocean
Lets fill the sea with revolution
Oh we’re running out of time, out of time
If we stay do we surrender
Lets kill some time just getting better
You alone could take us away.


So over the past few weeks I’ve been really concentrating on my music it’s been amazing although I’m not that great but I have really enjoyed play recently, I’ve written a few songs and I’m really proud of myself for my progression.
i really do hope things become successful in the long run, also I’m needing to buy a new guitar preferably an electric acoustic although I’m debating weather or not to steal synyster gates guitar collection ;)

I’ll post some short clips soon to show what I’ve been working on lately, that should be fun :)

as for my life things couldn’t be more perfect, everything that happened over the past few week have been absolutely amazing! 


wow not been on here in a long time :O
got a lot of things to update obviously :P 


haha. if you’re brave you’ll send this to all of your followers… what’s your honest opinion of me?

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